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My Goal as a Doctor...

1. Hello! My name is Dr Jason Fleischer with Innereye Chiropractic. My goal as a doctor is to be a successful advocate for your future self! I gotta show why chiropractic and healthy lifestyle are absolutely vital to enjoying your future.

First, I want everyone to be happy and pain free, but chiropractic is not about symptoms/pain relief. In fact, only about 10% of your nerves carry pain. Chiropractic is about normal function.

Symptoms are not your enemy, although they may seem like it lol!Symptoms are also an advocate for your future. They don’t tell you what you wanna hear, they tell you what you need to hear!

What I do as a chiropractor is look for subluxations and help the body correct them. A subluxation is a bone that is slightly out of place, that puts pressure on a nerve, leading to decreased function. This will always cause two things to some degree. One is distorted posture that leads to tightness, pain, and decreased range of motion. The second distorts the message from the brain to the body. This is huge! Subluxation is like a dimmer switch.

2. Subluxation is like a dimmer switch.

If you have a dimmer on the path to your heart you may have blood pressure problems. A dimmer to your lungs may result in breathing issues or asthma. A dimmer to your pancreas may decrease the function at that organ, and so on. My job is to see what the body needs, and help it get there. Sometimes issues resolved quickly, but typically it takes some time to remove the layers of dysfunction we have accumulated. Think of yourself maybe 20 years ago and all the things you could do and recover from. Now compare that to your present self. My goal is for your future self to be even stronger! It’s going to take work, but we can do it, together!

Yours in health- Dr. Jason

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