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Momentum- The freight train.

Life is all about motion. If something is said to be alive, then there is motion. Life never stops. Just like life, our level of health is always moving. You are either heading towards good health, or you are heading towards poor health, disease, and ultimately death. There is no third direction, or equilibrium. Each decision you make, or stress you encounter, pushes you in one direction or the other. With several consecutive pushes in the same direction, you develop momentum.

You wouldn’t expect one trip to the gym to give you the ultimate beach body, just like you don’t expect one triple fudge sundae to cause you to outgrow your current wardrobe. Everything takes time, even more so if you’ve developed momentum in the wrong direction.

Imagine a straight line with optimal health at one end and death at the other. At some point on the death side, there is a symptom line. Meaning when your health declines to a certain point, you will begin to exibit symptomology. As we cross over the symptom line, we will have varying levels of momentum depending on how long we’ve been living unhealthy life-styles. A subluxation or mis-alignment that happened yesterday will have less momentum than one that happened twenty years ago and was never corrected. Every day with a subluxation creates negative momentum in your life. Not only will it cause pain and premature joint degeneration, but the neurological effects could be vast.

The only way to slow, and reverse your momentum is repetition and consistency. This is true for all aspects of health. They say, “ The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The next best time is today.” What steps are you going to take TODAY, that will give you positive momentum towards health in the future? INVESTING in yourself is the best thing you can do. Let’s all invest wisely.

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