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A garden hose reminds me of chiropractic!

Imagine, if you will, in this analogy, the water plant is the brain, the hose is the spinal cord, and the beautiful bed of flowers are the organs, tissues and cells of the body. So what would the spigot be? We’ll get to that.

When everything is working properly, and the spigot is wide open and free from interference, the water plant always has enough flow to supply the hose and nourish the plants. This gives them the best chance to receive full flow and thrive at 100%. Wouldn’t you agree? What would happen if the spigot was fully closed for a period of time? No water (nerve impulses) would get through, and the plants would surely die. That would be the same as us having our brain stem severed! With zero nerve transmission, there is zero function, and zero life expression!

So, 100% transmission = optimal life, and 0% transmission = death. Black and white. What about all the grey area? What about transmission of 99%, 70%, 37% ? Imagine a graph with the percentages plotted, and somewhere between 100% and 0%, there’s a “symptom line”. If transmission falls below that line, a symptom develops. It’s kind of like the plant getting reduced water. At some point, drooping and wilting will occur. That’s where the spigot comes in. It represents a “subluxation”. I know, I know. It’s a big fancy word, but has a very simple meaning. A “subluxation” is when a bone is just a little bit out of it’s proper position, and it “pinches” a nerve, affecting it’s function and our posture. It’s analogous to the spigot being closed a little bit. How much it’s closed affects how much dis-function we experience. We often guage this by how much pain and stiffness we experience, but did you know that only 10% of nerves transmit pain?! 90% of our nerves control functions such as heart rate, digestion, proper breathing, and muscle contraction! Additionally, pain is usually the last thing to show up as a result of long standing subluxation that has decreased our nerve transmission below the symptom line.

Now back to the hose and the flower bed. Image that the transmission of water was restricted to just below the “symptom line”, and the plants began to wilt. What should we do? Maybe we would try to aerate the soil, add some fertilizer or lime, them put some mulch around them. If that didn’t work, we might scratch our heads and consider ripping them out and getting a new batch. What if the CAUSE of the problem was a decrease in the flow from the hose? What if the restriction from the spigot was removed, and water was restored to full power?

That’s all I do as a Chiropractor. I look for interference to the flow of life, and restore the connection, so you have the best chance to function at 100%! The best Doctor in the world resides in each of us! Live your life at full power!

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